Liam is sick again… nothing big, mainly runny nose and congestion, but it has made for three very rough nights. The first I got no sleep at all, the second and third I have attempted to sleep in the lazy boy with Liam in my arms. I have certainly had some good cuddle time though, for which I am very thankful. I came across this blog yesterday and have been thinking about them constantly. Liam is only a month younger than their baby girl, Cora, who they just lost to cancer, 12 days after they found out anything was wrong. I can’t stop thinking about that mama who had to go home without her baby girl. My heart cries out and aches for her. So, while my house is a mess, I am exhausted and I have a fussy baby – I am thankful that I have a fussy baby. I have a baby to hold and cuddle and thank the Lord he is mine, for now. I am grateful.
What a fearful thing it is to be a mother, indeed.

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