Weekend in Chicago

This past weekend we went to Chicago… we had a lovely time! We went to visit my college roommates and family. Liam did wonderful and even adjusted quicker this time to being somewhere unusual – we got sleep! On Friday we tried to get some pool time, but Chicago has had a very cool summer… so we played a little while laying on the floats, so we didn’t get too wet! On Saturday we went to the Brookfield Zoo with everyone including “Gma” Debbie and “Gpa” Joe. The animals put on a show for us and we saw grizzly bears doing back strokes and lions prancing around. Liam really got a kick out of it! I even got to fill my craving for potbelly’s sandwiches and white fence farm chicken too 🙂 It was wonderful to see everyone, our second family out in Chicago. Liam has more gmas and gpas and aunties and uncles than he knows what to do with, but we aren’t complaining! Thanks for a great weekend!

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