Generous: characterized by a noble or forbearing spirit :magnanimous, kindly b : liberal in giving :openhanded c : marked by abundance or ample proportions
So last week my parents gave me my birthday card. As some of you may know, my birthday isn’t until next month, so I was a bit confused. It appeared that all were in on it but me. As I opened my three birthday cards, I was wished a happy birthday, and was happy to see that my parents still think I have spunk… As I reached the last card it was apparent that they were giving me the gift of sight… in the form of PRK. For Christmas last year, they gave Jesse PRK… which he had done in February and is seeing 20/15 and doing wonderfully. Jesse got to the point that he couldn’t wear his contacts as his eyes just couldn’t tolerate it. My eyes aren’t much better, but I hate wearing glasses, so that’s just the way it is. I just had an eye appointment and need new glasses, so I kept bugging Jesse to figure out a time we could meet up and go look at frames. I guess they decided that they needed to give me my present early, lest I go spend a couple hundred bucks on new glasses that I won’t be needing for long…
My parents are some of the most generous people I know. Is this proof enough? They are most definitely magnanimous, open handed, kind and liberal in giving. Thank you, mom and dad! Your investment will not go to waste!

Unfortunately I have to be finished breastfeeding for two months before I can have the procedure done, and then I can’t get pregnant for 6 months after the procedure – the hormonal fluctuations may change my prescription that they might either correct my eyes to the wrong prescription or I could mess it up as it takes a good 6 months post to heal all the way… so I think we’ll not get pregnant as soon as we were thinking, and I’ll have the procedure done after I wean Ana around a year… FYI in case you were wondering 🙂

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