A dear, dear friend moved away last week. While we are excited for this next chapter of their life, I am terribly sad to see them go. It has been difficult for me to realize that while I may not have plans to ever leave Colorado, I will most likely have to say goodbye to the friends I hold dear. I pray, though, that while many miles may separate us, we will be able to maintain the friendships that mean so much. Schelijn was the gal that I walked and biked with. I will miss our times on the trail, friend! Here’s a picture of our last walk…

NM is 3 weeks younger than Ana …
EG is 3 days older than Liam, and JG

One thought on “Goodbye

  1. Love these sweet pictures, Jess! Miss you already. 🙁 Glad that I can catch up with you here and on the phone in between getting to see you in person!

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