We just returned from Florida and had a wonderful time.  Grandad and Rere live in South Florida near Ft Lauderdale… nice and hot!  We celebrated Grandma Ann’s 102nd  birthday down in Miami with all the family… check out the video of her blowing out 102 candles – it’s quite the riot!  We got to go to the pool several times – Liam was getting quite comfortable by the time we left.  With his wings on he will kick himself around the pool independently.  Ana, on the other hand, apparently doesn’t like any kind of body of water as she cried if I took her in the pool or the ocean.  She survived 🙂  We spent a pleasant afternoon on the beach – the water was 83 degrees and so wonderful!  The surf was calm and we had a breeze – quite delightful!  And of course we spent lots of time with Grandad and Rere and Grandma Ann.  

Grandad and Ana

Sunday brunch at The Prime Catch

Grandma Ann turns 102!

pool time!

All by himself!

Grandma Ann and her 6 great grandchildren


3 thoughts on “Florida!

  1. 1. did you cut your hair short again?
    2. that cake looks like it was holding a pan of gasoline – that's some major flame!
    3. your kids are so cute it's just not normal. 🙂 I love them. And I miss them. And I miss you. A lot. Thanks for posting pics 🙂

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