Last week Jude and I went in for a check up with my midwife and chubs weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz!  At 3.5 weeks he had gained 1.5lb – more than the oz/day that is ideal.  Needless to say he’s doing great – he’s even sleeping quite well at night and I’m getting some decent stretches of sleep.  We are just in love with this little man.  He will never be without a shortage of kisses around here!  I think Ana gives him, literally, around 30 a day.  His eyes are the typical baby deep blue/gray – I know Ana’s were the same as I kept hoping she’d have blue eyes.  Here we are again, and I’m hoping for blue eyes 🙂  I love Liam and Ana’s chocolate eyes, but I’d also love to see some of Papa’s blueberries around here!  
Baking bread!

I asked Ana to smile and this is what she gave me 🙂

Not a great shot, but this was taken to mark one month

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