6 weeks

Blue eyes? I was trying to capture them, they really do look blue… most days 🙂

We’ve hit the 6 week mark… boy does time fly by.  Jude’s a chunker – we go see Jessica on Weds, I’m anxious to find out what he’s weighing!  He’s doing wonderfully – such a happy baby.  We love him so!  Rose – note the puppy dog shirt 🙂  We’ve settled into our routine, the kids (the older two anyway) are sleeping through the night regularly again… and we’re enjoying the last few days of summer.  Liam keeps asking for the slip n slide, and he doesn’t understand that even though it’s sunny outside, it’s just not quite warm enough 🙂  Liam has taken off on his early rider bike (a toddler bike with no training wheels, but wide wheels to help learn balance) and rides all the time – he’s gotten quite good.  Ana follows as best as she can on her tricycle… they really feel like twins these days!  We’ve been working on a few preschool workbooks with Liam – thus far they’ve been quite easy for him and he really enjoys it.  It’s interesting to notice the things he’s picking up on.  
Still no movement on our house… we’ve had several very positive showings in the last week, but no phone calls.  I’m not sure what is in our future – we’ll see what the next few months have for us.  
This postpartum recovery has been the most difficult for my body… not in terms of pain, but in terms of the elasticity of the tissue on my abdomen.  I will say that I’ve learned my lesson – I haven’t worked very hard at regaining core strength in between pregnancies, as it felt futile as I knew I’d just get pregnant again… well, I think that decision has left me weak and after three pregnancies in three years… yeah, it’s not so pretty.  And, as life is about managing expectations, that wasn’t my expectation.  Seriously, after 9 months of growing a baby and then pushing that baby out of you know where – shouldn’t we all just automatically go back to our pre pregnancy state?  Really, I think that’d be fair.  Ah well, I wish.  I’ve started working out using a book “Exercise after pregnancy” that teaches specific exercises for the core/abdomen.  I’ll let you know what I think… 
I seriously have hair envy… anyone that has hair longer than me.  I really did enjoy the pixie look, but the growing it out process has made me regret cutting it at all!  Unfortunately it came during the post partum period which doesn’t help.  Rick, the guy who cuts my hair, thinks by christmas I can have a bob… whew, that’s a long way away.  
Kinda fun…

Liam 6 weeks

Ana 6 weeks

3 thoughts on “6 weeks

  1. I can't say that they are getting cuter each time, because they are all so adorable. I envy the dark hair! 🙂 I keep hoping…

    And speaking of hair envy, we all want what we don't have, right? 🙂 I'm looking at everyone with short hair thinking, THAT'S what I want. At least it grows, so we can have this battle until the day we die!

  2. Yeah, these pictures are fun. At 6 weeks I think they all could be called chunkers.:)They are all adorably cute and healthy…Praise God! As for the hair – I'll let you and your friends fight that one out. You look great no matter what.:)

  3. First, holy cuteness! I LOVE his cheeks 😀 And his eyes definitely look blue… I'll pray with ya, ok? 🙂 I'm so excited to meet him in just a couple of weeks!

    Second, great puppy dog shirt! I love it.

    Third, I'm praying that the house SELLS. Like… yesterday.

    And fourth, even though your midrif doesn't look like what you want, and even though your hair is driving you crazy, you are still beautiful.

    Miss you, friend, and really excited to see you soon!

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