It seems it is fall in Colorado – even if it is still in the upper 70’s far too often for my taste. I think I’m ready for cooler weather since our winter was cut short and spring was rather looked over – and I’ve been wearing shorts since April! I’m ready to drink my coffee in the morning without having to shed layers as it warms me too much.
  We made it out on a couple of fall hikes before Uncle Seth left last week for Patagonia. (He’ll be in the Chile side of Patagonia till mid November for a mountaineering course which will keep him on an ice cap for 40 days straight.) Everything here is still terribly dry and thus the colors aren’t as vibrant as they are some years. We need snow this year!
  We are still living at my parent’s – and as I type I look over where my house will someday stand… but all it is for now are a few stakes. We did get our well dug last week, so that was a significant happening. We can’t get water out yet without electricity, but we do have the hole dug. Liam was mesmerized for two days watching the ‘well digging men’. We did finally submit everything to the permit building department at the end of last week and have the excavator scheduled for the 8th. So, maybe, just maybe, we’ll break ground next week. I’m not holding my breath.
  Liam and I started school about a month ago. Every day he asks if we can do school and is very bummed on the weekend when I tell him we’re taking a break 🙂 We are using My Father’s World kindergarden curriculum. I didn’t do much research for this year – this came recommended, so I went for it. Liam technically isn’t in kindergarden yet – he won’t be 5 till April, but he was very ready to start something, and I wanted something with a bit more structure, than say 5 in a row. MFW has been perfect for him – I would think that if we waited till next year that it would be a bit easy. I don’t have anything to compare to at this point, but for now, it’s working well and just what he needs!
  I took the kids to the dentist a few weeks ago for the first time and Liam ended up with multiple cavities – much to my astonishment… and of course they wanted to knock him out with complete sedation to drill the cavities. This didn’t sit well with me, so I came home and started research – so I am attempting to heal them via diet as it is well documented that you can remineralize cavities by changing what you put into your body. It’s not like we were eating terribly – I was about half way there, but he was still consuming a lot of store bought processed breads and cereals. So I pulled my Nourishing Traditions cookbook back out and am soaking all my grains, nuts and beans and attempting to make everything from scratch. Today is crackers, popsicles and granola. It took two attempts to get the yogurt right, and it mostly resembles yogurt this time around. The kids are eating it which is the important part. The kefir – yeah, that didn’t work so well. Lots of cheese, butter and raw milk – can’t go wrong there. Here’s hoping the changes will impact his mouth! I am keeping a close eye on his teeth to be sure they don’t turn black and fall out! Yeah, that’d be bad.

A few resources I’ve found quite helpful are:
Real food fast

Can’t leave out Ana and Jude… Ana is as always my crazy girl – who falls multiple times a day. Not because she is clumsy – she’s actually quite coordinated – but she’s crazy. Trying to climb something, or stand on something – that if I tried, I’d probably fall too. Crazy girl. She and Liam make great playmates (most of the time) as she stays right up there with him. But don’t worry, she still loves pink and dolls! She asked the other day if the well digger men had a pink tractor too. And ‘baby’ Jude – will be 14 months this month. He is a big boy, which is good, cause he likes to think he can get in there and play with Liam and Ana. He’s not walking yet, but standing all the time and will walk from couch to chair if they are close. And, amazingly, he’s my best sleeper and will sleep from 7:30-8 until 9 am. This is such a blessing. Oh my. He’s still going strong nursing a few times a day. Next month Jesse and I have a weekend away for our anniversary, so we’ll see what happens. I had planned on weaning him at that point, but now I’m not sure.

So we’re plugging away… one day at a time.

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  1. Ah. I didn't know you cooked Nourishing Traditions! That's awesome. Jordan and I were hardcore on NT for about a year and then got super busy with Jolene (well, we always drink raw milk and good meat, eggs, and butter because we can be lazy and just purchase that from the farm) but we are trying to get back into it. There is this woman who makes videos on how to make various NT foods, you should check her out. http://gnowfglins.com/ I always find it way more helpful to watch a video on how to make Kefir rather than making sense of the recipe. I'm going to check out your other links too. 🙂

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