Day three: Zhengzhou 

We made it to Zhengzhou! It was fairly uneventful day and our travels went smoothly. Our morning started bright and early (not that we weren’t already awake at 4) and we were soon on our way back to the Beijing airport. George checked us in and we said our goodbyes. We had a short wait, and very full bus with the ‘free massage’ and we boarded the plane. There was no calling of specific rows – everyone just pushed and shoved their way up the ramp until they made it into the plane. It really is just bizzare.
After we got our bags, Vivienne and Tina were there waiting for us and directed us to our bus with an extra crazy driver. There are 9 million people in ZZ… Just as crazy, just as hazy, just as hot… But not as nice of a city as Beijing. 


Beijing sun rise
On the hours’ drive to the hotel we got the run down of events from Vivienne. We also got a sheet with updated info on Seth! I didn’t know to expect that, so that was quite a treat. Most things we knew… But we learned he just started sucking his thumb, he likes baths and they recently started potty training him! Holy moley- we meet him in about 12 hours!!! 

We are staying at the Hilton here in ZZ which is very nice. It is just about a year old and very swanky! We have the whole 21st floor to ourselves. Our group is now 7 families. We have gotten to know most every one and it’s been a lot of fun. 

After we checked in, Jesse went to the bank to exchange more dollars for yuan as we have a lot of things to pay for this week. After that we headed to the local Walmart which is just across the street. The guides helped us buy snacks for the kids and diapers and formula. We got our first good look at kids in split pants – little wee wee’s just hanging in the breeze! Pretty wild 🙂 

Dinner was at a noodle bowl restaurant across the street – we crossed the street successfully twice! We were a group of six, and they apparently didn’t know what to do with us, so they took us upstairs which was empty, dark and hot. The food was good though, and cheap. 


there’s a crib in our room!
View from the 21st floor
 We’re about to turn in for the night before tomorrow morning and everything changes! Hard to believe all the waiting is about to end… Ready or not! We get to meet our boy in a few short hours!

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