We’ve got him!

 Where to even begin! We’ve got him! Sweet boy is sleeping next to me in the crib the hotel set up. I’m exausted, Jesse is snoring beside me, but I wanted to get these photos here so you could see them!

This morning began with a facetime call home – the first one we were able to make successfully and we got to talk to all the kids. Technology is amazing! Half way around the world and it sounds as though they are next door. It was so wonderful to see the kids… though it makes me miss them! 

After breakfast, we loaded up the van at 9:30 and headed to the Registration Office. There was one other family there waiting and only a few others were there throughout the morning – it was mainly our 7 families. Within a few minutes of arriving, the first sweet boy was brought in. Tears for both adults and children… For the most part, the kids kept arriving fairly steadily. At one point, we were on maybe our forth child and I was watching someone with my back to the door. I had been focused on the door for so long, but had looked away… and surely that was the time QiQi came in! I turned around and saw a little boy that looked like our pictures! The guide confirmed who he was and within a few minutes they handed him to me. They said he slept the whole way from the orphanage and had just woken up as they got here…. poor kiddo – fast asleep and then all of of sudden thrust into my arms before he’s even awake. He actually has yet to cry… the rest of our time at the Registration office, he sat solmnly in my lap… not moving a muscle, his eyes darting everywhere. He didn’t make a sound, but you could tell he was processing everything. I offered a drink and a snack, but he didn’t respond to either. Jesse pulled a lollipop out and he immediately latched onto it, but wouldn’t put it in his mouth. 

Meeting Him!
In my arms for the first time
Nary a muscle…. like this the whole time

Jesse got a sucker out to show him how it’s done! The look on QiQi’s face was pretty incredible… 


At some point he did put it in his mouth…and it didn’t come back out 🙂 


The gal that brought him from the orphanage was very sweet and trying to communicate something… but in the course of doing so, took away his lollipop and was trying to get him to get out of my lap. I’m not sure what was going on – maybe she wanted to show me he could walk – but I wasn’t too fond of her taking him away from me!


Eventually he decided that the puffs were worth a try. At walmart yesterday we bought the Chinese version so he would have something familiar. 

After all the children had arrived, we took pictures with the parents and child and signed several peices of paper. We did find out that they will allow us to visit the orphanage on Wednesday, so that was awesome. The gals from the orphanage were also taking a bunch of pictures with their phones and seemed really intersted in QiQi. They said his nanny cried this morning when he left… he was her favorite I guess. 

We arrived back to the hotel and I prepared a bottle for him. It wasn’t his normal time for one, but he hadn’t eaten lunch and I figured he was hungry. The orphanage didn’t specifiy his formula brand as they just give the kids whatever they have on hand… so I brought good stuff from the states and bought something at walmart yesterday that the guide recommended. When I went to make his bottle (which I’ve never really done before) I realized that I didn’t have the guide translate the formula instructions and google translate didn’t make any sense, so I winged it but apparently got it close enough as he gobbled the bottle down in no time. We played on the bed for a little while and after the third yawn thought it might be time for a nap. I laid him in the crib, encouraged him to suck his thumb, which he just started doing, and within 5 minutes he was out. He slept for a good while and when he woke up we played on the floor in front of the window. Jesse went to do more paperwork and I stayed behind. 


I don’t know where he was putting it, but if there was food around, he ate it. After playing for a while, all of a sudden he kind of ‘woke up’ and we got a smile, then a laugh, then a bunch of faces. He started playing with us and didn’t stop till he crashed tonight! Another family gave us a little finger light which has brought the first official smile and laughs out of this boy.


We all ate room service in the hallway and had a nice picnic. QiQi had already decided he really liked this window in the hall and we had spent some time there already. The boy kept eating… my pasta, Jesse’s spicy curry then french fries and chicken nuggets. Not picky. At all.

After dinner we came back to our room and tried a bath – his info said he likes baths… but I’m sure he’s not used to them in big whirlpool tubs! He wasn’t a huge fan – wouldn’t sit down – but still never cried. The 2T footie pj’s I brought him are quite large, but he seems to be heavy for his age. I think he weighs more than Alex! We played a bit more, drank another bottle… and as I was getting him to sleep (trying anyway) something prompted me to touch his lips and all of a sudden he broke out into rasperberries with my finger and we heard his first words – ma and baba – while I was recording a video. We have a super cute video now! I put him down in the crib again as that is where he seems comfortable (vs me holding him). He talked and rolled around for about ten minutes, then stuck his thumb in his mouth and within a couple minutes was out. 
We’ll see what tomorrow holds, but for now we had a pretty awesome first day. Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Jess I am just sitting here crying. What a beautiful boy!! I am loving these updates so much, and I’m SO HAPPY that you have your sweet boy finally!!

  2. So sweet. I echo Rose’s comment – I am all teary with joy that he is joining y’all on this journey. Precious.

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