Officially ours!

Turns out that if the curtains are drawn and it’s dark, QiQi will sleep past 5:30! He slept pretty well last night, though as his report said, he does move around a lot in his sleep! When he woke up this morning he was a bit disoriented, but after a diaper change and bottle, he rebounded pretty fast and was showing off again. This morning we went back to the Registration Office where we recieved him yesterday to finalize the adoption. The papers we signed yesterday were gaurdianship papers. We were given 24 hours with the children, and then we went back to sign the final paperwork. For such a momentous occasion, it was quite without fanfair. We were all stuck in the hot office for a while… after some time passed, one of the representatives came out, thanked us for adopting the children and handed us our adoption certificate. That was that. Turns out there was a minor mistake somewhere on a paper, so we all waited outside by a small, very green pond while it was fixed. I think QiQi would have walked right in, given the chance! After the registration office, we had to get our certificates notarized. 6 flights of stairs and another hot room… The Chinese do not like anything cold – drink, food or air conditioning. So, while there is air conditioning in a lot of the government buildings – it is never very cold and only mildly refreshing. As Vivian said the first day we were here – I am quite warm, so that means you are very hot! Our guides took care of all the paperwork – they are amazing! – we were simply present in the buidling. Shortly after, 6 flights down and back on the van. At that point our work for the morning was done and we went back to the hotel. 



QiQi seems to fall asleep when we get on the van, so he had already taken a few short naps, but he did eventually fall asleep and slept for a good couple of hours. He’s been having diarrhea since we got him, and yesterday Tina went and got us some medicine as he also has a cough. They are all actually pretty great – all chinese medicine, not pharmaceutical drugs. She gave me a probiotic and what equates to bentonite clay for his tummy and some expectorant for his cough. I gave him a dose of each for his tummy before his nap…. when he woke up, he was not feeling very good. He was wimpering and seemed like his stomach was upset. He eventually fell back asleep in my lap and was soon clammy and sweating. It is so strange to try to get to know this child, who is not a newborn and I just met! I felt helpless not knowing what is normal for him and how best to help…. he continued not feeling well, so we called Vivian to come see what she thought. As soon as Jesse hung up the phone with her (quite literally), QiQi picked up his head, got off my lap and off he went. Within a few minutes he had a big poop and he was all better. I’m not sure what his body was getting rid of, but he hasn’t done it again and seems to be doing well. The cough is lingering though…. I did check his pulse ox the first day we got here and was pleased to see it in the low 80’s. Today, though, he was high 60’s-low 70’s. Not exactly ideal. He should be 75-85% after the Glenn that he had about a year ago. Sure doesn’t stop him though! 

For dinner we ventured out across the street – four lanes of traffic that doesn’t stop despite a red light with mopeds and weird taxi carts trying to run you over! – and ate at a semi-western restaurant with some fairly recognizable food. I’m actually not tired of the Chinese yet though- but it is hard to find food that I trust enough to consume. I’ve read too much about China and meat processing… yuck! QiQi boy is enjoying all these new foods and hasn’t said no to anything yet. He especially enjoyed my berry smoothie, but they are very insistent here not to give the kids anything cold or it will upset their tummies… so I tried to heed their advice and cut him off. 

 He is officially Seth QiQi Henry Elliott!

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