Zoey Xiao Theresa Elliott

I am head over heels in love with this baby girl. May I introduce you to the newest Elliott:

She sleeps beside me with her thumb in her mouth, sucking away. She is just the sweetest little thing. Sweet baby hasn’t uttered a single cry today, though a few times I could tell she was trying really hard as her eyes welled up. Our appointment to meet her wasn’t until 2:30 this afternoon, so we had an incredibly long morning to fill! It was the longest 6 hours, but the time finally came. It was a short drive to the Civil Affairs Office and as we walked in a van showed up with several children from a nearby orphanage. Several of the families met their children right away – there is nothing quite like it, tho certainly akin to watching a woman give birth – meeting your child for the first time, no matter the way it happens, is one of the most incredible things to witness. There was a scared three year old, an incredibly excited 5 year old who bowed to every member of her new family, and then the young man who will ‘age out’ of the system in 5 days when he turns 14 – but he now has a forever family. We waited the longest before she came in – and then she was there in my arms! Almost 9 months of waiting and dreaming and worrying and she was there. She missed her nap and was obviously tired, tho to my surprise warmed up quite quickly! A few things I learned about my daughter today… she loves to kick, loves her hands, has a gorgeous smile, sucks her thumb!!!, has a sweet personality, and it would seem she is a fighter – but, we knew that already! She gave us laughs, smiles, claps – she is loving any chance she gets to walk and tho she leans heavily on my fingers to walk, she’s doing very well with it. We were told she gets a bath every night in a small basin, so in trying to keep up her routine, I tried to give her a bath in a baby bathtub, but she refused to sit – it was quite hilarious – she didn’t cry, she just wasn’t very into it. We went to dinner at a local noodle place and she ate pretty well, tho she refuses a bottle and any kind of liquid… hopefully we’ll figure something out there before too long.

My heart is full. It is such a privilege to call her mine. We had permission from China for 2 weeks this summer when China changed the rules on adoption – we no longer qualify under the new rules – and as our guide said tonight, ‘ it was destiny’ that she was ours.

Yes, the best kind of destiny. She is mine. Loved, chosen, daughter, sister. Forever.

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  1. So excited for you and your family and I can’t wait to meet Zoey Xiao. Praying for smooth, safe travels.
    Thanks for forwarding this, MP!

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