Day Two: Nanjing

Zoey officially became ours today! All the paperwork is now complete and her passport is being processed. Baby girl had a hard day today. She drank a bottle for me this morning – yea!! – but refused to eat anything else pretty much all day. She slept for 4 hours and then we went out this afternoon. I think it was good to have some distraction for her – she perked up a bit and we saw some smiles. We visited the nearby Confucius Temple which is decorated for the lantern festival in a few days. All major cities in China have a Temple dedicated to Confucius. The buildings here are replicas of the originals as they were all destroyed in WW2 when the Japanese attacked China. Tomorrow is a long day as we take the bullet train to Xuzhou to visit her orphanage. Pray for her sweet heart… I’m not sure how she will handle going back there.

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