Nanjing and Shamian Island

Our last day in Nanjing on Thursday morning we went over to the Nanjing City Wall. The wall was built over 600 years ago to protect the city. Before Mao took over, Nanjing was the caption city of China. As such, it was important to protect the city. It took over 20 years to complete. The bricks for the wall came from all over the area, and they were transported up and down the river. When the bricks were made, the creator left his mark on the brick – information about the person who made it, and where it came from. Michael, our guide, called it their version of “quality control”! You can see in the pictures that the marks are still legible hundreds of years later. Pretty incredible. Sections of the wall have been rebuilt and others remain in ruin. When Japan attacked China at the beginning of WW2, Nanjing was still the capitol city and thus was hit badly by arial attacks.

We left Nanjing for Guangzhou on Thursday afternoon and after a long evening in the airport with a delayed flight, we finally made it to our hotel around 10 that night. Friday morning we had our medical appointment for Zoey’s visa appointment. To say the least, Zoey did not like it at all. I was with her the whole time, but I had to put her on the exam table and the dr’s had to touch her — all of which she did not approve of. Sweet baby was terrified. I haven’t been successful getting her to eat varied things, but she does eat congee – and she is eating a lot of it, so I’m quite thankful for that. I will be learning to make congee asap when we get home! Today we went over to Shamian Island to do some shopping and touristy things. There is also the famous “red couch” at the Swan hotel – years ago that is where all the adoptive families stayed and everyone took a photo on the red couch. Our guide took us over there and had us all pose on the red couch.

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  1. Dear Jess and Mary Pat, Thank you SO much for sharing this blessed journey with us!!
    Baby Zoey will have many here in her new country who love her and pray for her!!
    I love how you travel around and get to all the places you need to be; to sign papers and visit the orphanage and the doctor’s office, tourist sites, WOW!!!
    With much love,
    (Can I be?)
    Grandma Debbie

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