We visited the Chen Memorial today. It was beautiful and lovely to be outside, but I couldn’t tell you why there was a memorial to this guy… they call him the founder of the country, but again, I’m not sure why! The most interesting part (to me) is that this is where the Japanese signed the peace treaty with China at the end of WW2. We spent several hours at the toy and gift market – 9 levels of hundreds of little shops. It’s a pretty crazy place. Baby girl did not enjoy it one bit – I don’t know if she was hungry the whole time or what, but she was the fussiest she’s been yet. She was absolutely starving by the time dinner came and ate two steamed eggs. She cries when the bottle or bowl is empty, but then oftentimes refuses more after it takes a minute to get it together. I don’t know if she’s still hungry, or just anxious to see the food all gone. So hard! It would be really nice if she’d eat some baby crackers or applesauce or something else to supplement with. As it is, it’s very difficult to know if she’s getting enough or too much. I don’t want her to associate me with being hungry! I’m trying to figure out how to bring congee with us on the plane home so she doesn’t starve for 15 hours… I haven’t figured out how to accomplish that yet.

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment to get Zoey’s visa to leave the country on Friday!

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